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Make your stay an enjoyable one by reading about these frequently asked questions

What is the weather like in Vancouver?
Expect traditional spring weather while on the Dot Trip in early May. In the mountains, there will be snow and cooler temperatures. But check out the monthly weather forecast  here.

What should I wear on the Dot Trip?
During the day and evening hours, nice denim and business casual are appropriate. None of our events require formal or business attire. Please give special attention to the clothing recommended for your activity selections. Note, our Wednesday event on Grouse Mountain is at an elevation of 2,800 ft. While indoors please be prepared for cooler temperatures. We recommend bringing a spring weather jacket as evenings may be chilly.

What is Vancouver’s time zone?
Vancouver, British Columbia is in the Pacific Standard time zone. See the time difference between your home and Vancouver by clicking here. 

What type of money do Canadian businesses accept?
The official currency of Canada is the Canadian Dollar ($). Many businesses will accept the U.S. dollar as a courtesy to American tourists as well. However, in regards to credit and debit cards, most Canadian retailers, restaurants, and cabs require card holders to enter a PIN at the time of purchase. Rather than taking your card to be swiped, card holders will be presented with a handheld device to insert their card and key in the PIN to process payment. Consider calling your credit and debit card providers to ask them how you can manage this while in Vancouver.

I have a pacemaker. Who should I contact about getting a non-magnetic name badge?
Please contact Angela Fagan at 800-366-6482, extension 12637 or afagan@dotfoods.com so that we can prepare a suitable name badge for you. 

Where can I get medical information on the trip?
Dot Foods and its employees cannot give any medical advice, and it’s a good idea to consult your physician whenever you travel. Plan ahead and make sure you have an adequate supply of prescription medication before you depart. 

Will my picture be taken while in Vancouver?
A photographer hired by Dot Foods will take photos at various events. By attending the Dot Trip, you consent to the use of your image and/or name by Dot Foods on any registered publishing, broadcast, and cable media, without charge or obligation.

Should I buy travel insurance?
You may wish to purchase travel insurance to supplement your regular life, accident, medical, and personal property insurance. Some companies, like HTH Worldwide, offer specific travel insurance. They have plans that cover medical and medical evacuation benefits as well as baggage, air-flight accident insurance, and more. For additional information, visit HTHTravelInsurance.com/HQtravel or call 866-501-3254. 

What should I do with my valuables during the trip?
While en route, carry your travel documents, valuables, and vital medicines personally or in a carry-on bag. Do not pack these items in your luggage. It is best to leave valuable jewelry at home and use the hotel’s safe-deposit box for your excess cash and traveler’s checks. Keep purses, wallets, money, and cameras close to you at all times.

Dot Foods and their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies maintain no control over the personnel; equipment; or operations of any air, water or surface carrier, cruise line, bus or limousine company, transportation company, resort, restaurant, or other person or entity furnishing services, products or accommodations as part of the Travel Program. All of these suppliers are independent contractors. Dot Foods and their respective parent; subsidiary; and affiliated companies shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, expense, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be caused or contributed to (1) by any wrongful, negligent or unauthorized act or omission on the part of any of these suppliers or any of their agents, servants, employees or independent contractors; (2) by any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment, instrumentality, service, product or accommodation that is owned, operated, furnished or otherwise used by any of these suppliers; (3) by any wrongful, negligent or unauthorized act or omission on the part of any other person or entity not under the direct control of Dot Foods respectively; or (4) by any other cause, condition or event whatsoever beyond the direct control of Dot Foods respectively.

During the trip, the participant may have the opportunity to participate in various optional activities and side trips. Dot Foods and their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, expense, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity arising out of or relating to said participation.

Limited Liability of Manufacturers
All travelers are subject to a variety of laws, tariffs, ticket terms, and conditions which limit or deny their right to recover for personal injuries and property damage. Provisions of this kind are found in the resort laws of every state, and in most airline and cruise line tickets, and are applicable to other travel services.

When: May 5-9, 2019



Where: Fairmont Pacific Rim 

1038 Canada Place
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada